Using Antiques in the Home

Published on January 27, 2010 by Phoenix in Uncategorized

What’s old is always in style.  At least that’s what people who love antiques say.  There are many great ways to decorate with antiques and to take  home décor to a whole new level of style with only a few key items. When you start to search for antiques, you should first become familiar with..Read More

Byzantine Antiques

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There is a large selection of Byzantine antiques that collectors can find at auction houses and online at locations such as Phoenix Ancient Art.  These pieces are characterized by their strong religious and imperial themes and include beautiful paintings, mosaics, jewelry, ivories and more. The Byzantine Empire, as any historian or antiques dealer such as..Read More

Archaic and Classic Greek Antiques

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When shopping for antiques, you should certainly be familiar with  the various eras of art of the period .  Websites such as Phoenix Ancient Art will give you a great overview of the many cultures you might encounter. Archaic antiques come from Greece and were made during  the prosperous 6th and early 5th centuries B.C.  The most common pieces..Read More