Antiques Popular for Phoenix Ancient Art & Others

Published on February 28, 2010 by Phoenix in Uncategorized

Historically, antiquities have only been a very small part of the art market.  However, they are beginning to attract more attention from collectors and investors.  The black market for antiques has been restricted, causing tighter controls on access to antiquities, and this,  of course, raises the value of each antique and increases interest in this field. Tighter rules and lower supplies have made people more excited about antiquities.  Recently, a bronze head of Ptolemy of Mauretania from around 520 A.D. was sold at Sotheby’s.  Estimated to be worth up to $500,000, it sold for $960,000!

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This excitement is certainly good news for antiquities galleries such as Phoenix Ancient Art, owned by Ali Aboutaam and Hicham Aboutaam.  They understand that antiquities don’t grab headlines the way that other art does – but that they are a great opportunity and a great investment.