Getting Ready for the Art en Vieille-Ville

Published on April 23, 2017 by Phoenix in Uncategorized

Each spring, the Art en Vieille-Ville takes place in Geneva’s Old Town and it’s a glorious time to be here and to enjoy. Bringing together fifteen prestigious art and antique galleries and three cultural institutions, the event is a not-to-be missed affair. The participating galleries include: Bailly Gallery, Gagosian Gallery, Galerie Gowen Contemporary, Galerie Grand Rue, Grob Gallery, Galerie Patrick Gutknecht, De Jonckheere, Galerie Salomon Lilian, Galerie Anton Meier, Phoenix Ancient Art SA, Galerie Schifferli, Galerie TACTILe, Galerie Rosa Turetsky, Young Collectors par Phoenix Ancient Art and the Galerie Sonia Zannettacci; while the cultural institutions are: the Barbier-Mueller Museum, the Art and History Museum, and the Baur Foundation.

As part of AVV, each of the participating galleries unveils its most unique and powerful works and welcomes guests to admire, enjoy and purchase. The well-established cultural association Art en Vieille-Ville started in 2007 with the aim of establishing the charming Old Town of Geneva as an important art destination. They organize two art openings each year, in the spring and fall, when each gallery unveils its most treasured works. The spring opening evening will take place on May 11th at 6pm and will include 18 exhibitions.

At Phoenix Ancient Art, we are currently preparing our space to be part of this show. We will feature the exhibition TREASURY, Wonder of Ancient Jewellery and Silverware.

This show was initially displayed in Gstaad in February and we are honored to bring it to our Geneva gallery and to be part of the esteemed Art en Vieille-Ville.

Our exhibition will include jewellery sets, bracelets, rings and earrings made of gold and precious stones. They will be displayed alongside silverware, rhytons and other precious items. One stunning piece we are preparing is an earring set from the late 4th or 3rd century BC in Greece. Each earring is composed of a solid gold figurine and decorated with hammered gold sheets to render the wings. The figurine shows a young woman standing with her feet crossed, raising one of her arms and holding a libation vessel. Her look and form were reproduced many times in Classical iconography and earrings of this sort are well documented in women’s tombs of the early Hellenistic period.

This is one example of the many priceless and dramatic pieces that we will have in our Geneva gallery and that we are honored to showcase as part of the larger event. Be part of the unique atmosphere and exciting feeling as the AVV art openings welcomes visitors to discover Old Town in the streets of historic Geneva. We look forward to seeing you here!