Going Once, Twice, Sold on E-tiquities of Phoenix Ancient Art

Published on November 20, 2009 by Phoenix in Uncategorized

amphoriskos from Phoenix Ancient ArtNever afraid to innovative when it comes to bringing the beauty and excitement of ancient art to a wider audience, the Aboutaam brothers, Hicham and Ali,  instituted e-tiquities in May, 2009. Not only can items be purchased on-line, via e-tiquities™ but potential collectors can also participate in on-line auctions. The first work to be auctioned on e-tiquities  was a glass amphoriskos,  a type of perfume bottle, from the Greek Hellinistic epoch,  3rd to 2nd century B.C.E. The bidding was set to begin at $8,000.

Hicham Aboutaam explains that purchasing antiquities can be a sound investment, which not only maintains its monetary value, but adds also value to the enjoyment of the collector’s life.

As Mr. Aboutaam put it:

“Given current economic conditions, people of all financial status are looking for safer havens for their investments. Antiquities have always been a good alternative through both booms and busts and unlike stocks or bonds, the return on investment includes owning a piece of timeless beauty.”