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With exclusive galleries located in New York City and Geneva, Switzerland, Phoenix Ancient Art is considered by many experts to be one of the world’s leading dealer in rare and exquisite antiquities.  The Gallery’s works of art originate from Mesopotamia, the Near East, Egypt, Central Europe, Eurasia, Southwest Asia, the Steppes, Classical Greece and Rome, Byzantium, Islam, and European Migration period.  Carefully selected, each work of art on view is chosen for its historical importance, its intrinsic beauty and its artistic value.

While formally incorporated in 1995, Phoenix Ancient Art is a 2nd generation family business, founded in the mid 1960’s by the late S. Aboutaam.  Mr. Aboutaam’s sons, Ali and Hicham, took over the business in 1998 and respectively manage it with their professional team, from the Geneva and New York City galleries.  Over the last 15 years, the company has developed and grown internationally, mainly through important Art Fairs in Europe and the USA.

Phoenix Ancient Art – Philosophy and Vision

As co-founders of Phoenix Ancient Art, we know from years of experience that living with beautiful works of art changes one’s life in a positive way, and collecting works of art can be a rewarding endeavor. Whatever one collects, we believe a collector should have a deep personal connection to the objects they choose. We also believe that collecting ancient works of art provides an advantage beyond collecting in other areas – by their nature antiquities have a long history and each object has its own story to tell. The historical and intellectual dimensions found by collecting antiquities provide the collector with an intimate knowledge of the past.

Our goal is to develop and nurture a relationship between collector and object. We only recommend that a client acquire a work of art that they feel strongly about. Like many of the collectors we advise, we see our role as temporary guardians of a small part of the world’s important cultural and artistic heritage. Each object that Phoenix Ancient Art acquires is personally selected by us for its intrinsic beauty, aesthetic value, and historical importance. Like our clients, we, too, are collectors every time we purchase an object. We are pleased to bring that same personal interest and passion to our work at Phoenix Ancient Art.