The Brafa Art Fair 2017

Published on January 11, 2017 by Phoenix in Uncategorized

Each year, the Brafa Art Fair takes place in Brussels. This eclectic fair includes Oceanic art, African art, Oriental art, furniture and pieces that span from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. This year, Brafa will include 132 exhibitors from 16 countries. They expect 58,000 visitors – and we are honored to be part of this esteemed event that will take place from Saturday, January 21st to Sunday the 29th at the Tour & Taxis, avenue du Port 86 C / B-1000 Brussels.

Created in 1956, the Brafa Art Fair is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious art fairs and is organized each year by the nonprofit Belgian Antiques Fair Association. The fair is recognized as one of the leading international fairs in Europe and was even placed under the High Protection of Her Majesty Queen Paola and Brafa on September 30, 2009.

The Phoenix Ancient Art booth at Brafa will include an exciting mix of items from our Phoenix Ancient Art collection and those from the Young Collectors set. Two of our stunning Phoenix Ancient Art pieces to go on display include the Jar with Two Handles and the Steatopygic Statuette Perhaps Holding a Child. The Jar comes from the 4th millennium B.C. in the Predynastic period in Egypt and was carved from a large block of stone. Vases of this size and quality that survived to this point are extremely rare. In Ancient Egypt, such an item was considered as gilt-edged luxury goods and appeared in royal tombs and at the graves of high-ranking officials.

Steatopygic Statuette: Phoenix Ancient Art

Steatopygic Statuette
Phoenix Ancient Art

The second piece, the Steatopygic Statuette, comes from the Late Neolithic period around 3500-3000 B.C. It was carved from a small block of marble and was very popular in the Anatolian, Greek and Balkan world during this period. There is a thought that she may be holding a child, indicated both by incised lines on the skin and the rounded element the woman is holding. Many think that these figures were used in a religious capacity, as they resemble Mother Goddess, and this would have been a valued piece of the time.

We are also thrilled to be showcasing works from our Young Collectors portfolio. This collection was started to bring art appreciation and collection to a younger audience with pieces that are more accessible to a larger range of collectors. Pieces on display at Brafa from this collection include an Emerald Bronze Brooch, a Seal in the Shape of a Lion’s Head, a beautiful Epichysis and more. The Emerald Bronze Brooch, for instance, from the Gallo-Roman period in the 2nd to 3rd century A.D., was used to fasten clothing and was part of a collection that typically included lively animal repertory. The decoration, which was made in the champlevé technique, is a major distinctive feature of the Gallic small fibulae and dates to the Imperial period.

These antiques, along with many others, will grace our booth at the Brafa Art Fair, offering an exceptional look at the art world from times long gone. We are honored to be part of the fair and look forward to welcoming visitors from around the world to our booth.