Phoenix Ancient Art - Ali & Hicham Aboutaam

The Aboutaam brothers, Hicham and Ali, are global leaders in the world of antiquities. Seeing themselves more as custodians of culture and artistic heritage than as art dealers, they have continued their father’s legacy from the time he started his antiquities business in 1968. Today, Ali Aboutaam continues their father’s legacy at Phoenix Ancient Art in Geneva and Hicham Aboutaam owns Electrum, the exclusive agent for Phoenix Ancient Art in New York. In addition to their gallery locations in New York and Geneva, Phoenix Ancient Art also has an e-commerce platform called and they have a second gallery in Geneva for young collectors called Phoenix Ancient Art Young Collectors.

Hicham and Ali Aboutaam have handled many antiquities that are now housed in world-class museums and in private collections across the world including at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The British Museum, The Louvre, Paris and Abu Dhabi, and at the Cleveland Museum of Art among several others. They have also participated in many of the most esteemed fairs throughout the world from Paris (La Biennale) and New York (TEFAF, International Fine Art and Antiques Show, the Salon Art + Design) to London (PAD and Frieze Masters).

Like many of the collectors we advise, we see our role as temporary guardians of a small part of the world’s important cultural and artistic heritage.