Hicham Aboutaam

Hicham Aboutaam inherited a deep love of antiquities from his father and also a life-long obsession with artworks of great beauty and exquisite craftsmanship.

A passion for the intimate art of ancient cylinder seals and scarabs that developed during his childhood endures until this day, as Hicham continues to acquire the finest miniature masterpieces for his own personal enjoyment.

Hicham Aboutaam of Phoenix Ancient Art, e-Tiquities and Electrum. Upon completing his university studies in archaeology and art history, Hicham joined his father and brother in the business of buying and selling antiquities. Since then, he has built an international clientele of institutional and private collectors whose desires he fulfills by consistently offering them a superb selection of the highest quality works of ancient art.

Nothing gives Hicham greater pleasure than watching a patron’s excitement escalate upon seeing one of his lovely treasures for the first time, except, of course, spending time with his wife and four children.