Islamic Art

Art is more than just aesthetically pleasing. It also can give one details about the culture and ideology of the place where it was made. This is especially true Islamic art. Through its art, one can see how Muslims view the world and their relationship to it. Since Muslims are not allowed to engage in any form of idol-worship, Islamic art has to reflect that prohibition and thus any depictions of animals or humans that might lead to such worship are forbidden. Hence Islamic art is centered around floral, calligraphic, arabesque and geometric forms. Today, on sale at e-Tiquities is a pair of Islamic gold bracelets, each of which has two twisted wires; a thick and smooth one and a thin and granulated ornamented one. Both bracelets (which actually form a pair) have turquoise tiles in a heart shape and are identical. Given its fine materials and great craftsmanship, the bracelets were probably worn by someone who was quite affluent.