New York Gallery has first in person exhibition

“Sense and Sensibility” opened in March 2021 and focuses on the beauty and power of woman in antiquity.

New York City, NY

March 26 – May 14 2021
725 5th Avenue
19th floor

Hicham Aboutaam and Phoenix Ancient Art are pleased to welcome visitors to Electrum’s new 5th Avenue location to view these sensational works that inform our understanding of the identities of the female subjects depicted as well as their significance within each of the societies in which they were produced. 

This exhibition features significant works such as a Roman Mosaic of Tethys, the Sea Goddess (3rd-4th c. A.D.), a Greek marble Head of Queen Arsinoe II, (3rd c. B.C.) and a Palmyran Limestone Polychrome Relief Bust of a Noblewoman and Child (2nd-3rd c. A.D). To accompany the exhibition, the gallery has provided an extended discussion on two works in particular: a Tarantine Terracotta Plaque with Fighting Athena (4th c. B.C.) and an Egyptian Faience Amulet of the Goddess Bastet (10th-8th c. B.C.), which can be accessed at and