Geneva galleries reopen their exhibitions

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In the Old Town, most of the stores have been open since May 11. The Phoenix Ancient Art gallery, on rue Verdaine, has reopened under the guidance of its director, Michael Hedqvist and President, Ali Aboutaam.

Athena: A Window Into the Hellenistic World

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Religion and belief in the power of the Gods were part and parcel of life during the Hellenistic Period in Greece. The influence is captured in works like The Iliad and The Odyssey, both immensely popular in the Hellenic World. Homer depicts the gods as intimately involved in the lives of the people. They were..Read More


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The market for fine antiquities has never been stronger. For example, a four-inch black chlorite bust of a mythological hero, whose most distinguishing characteristics are a long shell-inlaid scar crossing the right side of his face and another large scar on his left cheek sold at Sotheby’s on 8 December for $1,258,500 against a pre-sale estimate fo $300,000-500,000. The piece was consigned by a collector who bought it from the Aboutaam brothers, co-owners of Phoenix Ancient Art, who bought it at Christie’s in June 2000 for $105,000. The small but powerful piece has been in several private collections and is believed to have been found prior to 1961.

Aboutaam at the Palm Beach Antiques Fair

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Each year, Palm Beach hosts a fantastic antiques fair, showing antiques from more than  90 dealers.  Called the Palm Beach/America’s Fine Art & Antique Fair, this fair attracts the best antique dealers from around the world who  display their possessions. The 2007 fair, with its new director Dr. buy levitra online Michale Mezzatesta, lasted for 11 days..Read More

Antiques Popular for Phoenix Ancient Art & Others

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Historically, antiquities have only been a very small part of the art market.  However, they are beginning to attract more attention from collectors and investors.  The black market for antiques has been restricted, causing tighter controls on access to antiquities, and this,  of course, raises the value of each antique and increases interest in this..Read More

The Changing Face of Antique Buying

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Today, the purchase of antiques has a new face.  As described on >, antique purchasing has become more mainstream.  This is particularly true in America.  While antiques have always been of interest to the highly wealthy, the antiques world in America is finding more regular Americans participating in  auctions. Last year at Sotheby’s Antiquities sales..Read More

Aboutaam Brothers Preside at Phoenix Ancient Art

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Ali and Hicham Aboutaam of Phoenix Ancient Art welcome you to the fascinating and exciting world of art objects with a history.