New York Gallery has first in person exhibition

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“Sense and Sensibility” opened in March 2021 and focuses on the beauty and power of woman in antiquity. March 26 – May 14 2021 725 5th Avenue19th floorNew York City, NY Hicham Aboutaam and Phoenix Ancient Art are pleased to welcome visitors to Electrum’s new 5th Avenue location to view these sensational works that inform our understanding..Read More

A Glimpse Into The Life Of An Antique Dealer

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It’s not often that we have the chance to hear about the people behind the antiques. Learning more about antique dealers and their own background and interests offers insight into their companies and their products. Recently, Ali Aboutaam was interviewed by J. Kunitz for an article entitled “El vuelo del fénix” published in the January..Read More

News in Modern Syrian Art

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Prices differ considerably for Contemporary and ancient Syrian Art .  The local art scene for contemporary Syrian art has, until recently, been controlled by the Syrian government.  Now that has changed as  the country’s economy has become more open and less government-controlled.  Today, an increasing numberof  Westerners seeking something different have been spending more money on..Read More

Bronze Figure of Serapis Seated on a Throne at Phoenix Ancient Art

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One of the many  antiques available from Hicham and Ali Aboutaam at Phoenix Ancient Art is this thirdpcentury Bronze Figure of Serapis seated on a Throne.  Serapis was quite popular during the Hellenistic period , with a large temple located in Alexandria and another famous one in Memphis.  His successful cult spread throughout the Mediterranean..Read More

New Rules for Ancient Art

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Antiquities dealers like Hicham and Ali Aboutaam, co-owners of Phoenix Ancient Art believe that dealers must change with the changing standards.

The Aboutaam’s, Etruscan and Villanovan Art

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Gems sold by Phoenix Ancient Art span many time periods throughout history including the Villanovian Era. One such piece, currently on sale through the web is the Villanovian bronze figurine, typical of art history during the time.

Gallery Walk Features Phoenix Ancient Art

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Included among the 50 participating galleries is Phoenix Ancient Art, whose New York branch, located at 47 East 66th Street, is right smack in the middle of this year’s event.

The Changing Face of Antique Buying

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Today, the purchase of antiques has a new face.  As described on >, antique purchasing has become more mainstream.  This is particularly true in America.  While antiques have always been of interest to the highly wealthy, the antiques world in America is finding more regular Americans participating in  auctions. Last year at Sotheby’s Antiquities sales..Read More

Going Once, Twice, Sold on E-tiquities of Phoenix Ancient Art

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The Aboutaam brothers, Hicham and Ali instituted e-tiquities in May, 2009.

No Fear Art Collecting at Phoenix Ancient Art

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At Phoenix Ancient Art this kind of worrying is completely unfounded.