Direct from the Le Rendez-Vous

Published on September 15, 2016 by Phoenix in Uncategorized

We are thrilled to be part of the Le Rendez-Vous taking place now in Paris. This event, which started on September 10th and continues until the 18th, includes the collaboration of ten antique stores and galleries. Each of the galleries, including Phoenix Ancient Art, is showcasing an exhibition of its own choosing. The atmosphere in..Read More

A Surrealistic Revival

Published on December 22, 2015 by Phoenix in Uncategorized

The Carlyle Hotel has certainly been the heart of the revival of Surrealism as of late. While the Di Donna gallery just closed the “Fields of Dream: The Surrealist Landscape, ” the Helly Nahmad Gallery is still featuring “Mnemosyne: de Chirico and Antiquity” until January 30th. The exhibit has been created around 22 Giorgio de..Read More

The Ancient and the Modern: Mnemosyne: de Chirico and Antiquity

Published on November 18, 2015 by Phoenix in Uncategorized

Quite often, exhibits at art galleries offer one perspective, and the works of one great artist. While these are beautiful and gratifying, exhibits that challenge the viewers’ perspective and force them to think more deeply are often even more inspiring. This is exactly what the Helly Nahmad Gallery has recently accomplished with its collaboration with..Read More