The Aboutaams, Etruscan and Villanovan Art

Some of the gems on sale by Phoenix Ancient Art – owned by Ali Aboutaam and his brother Hicham – come from the Etruscan and Villanovan period and were developed in central Italy. Any gems dating this time are quite precious today since very few pieces survived, especially from the Villanovan period. This might suggest that the society lived quite modest lives since very few luxurious items remain, but actually the jewelry that does exist would counter this claim.

The Aboutaams and Villanovian Figures

Typical from the Villanovian Era is a bronze figurine, on sale through e-Tiquities, Phoenix Ancient Art’s online site. This figure is a man standing naked except for a small cap. His facial features are quite distinct: straight nose, slightly bulging eyes; ears coming out from the cap. The Villanovians were known for creating many bronze figures very much like this one.